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Highlight the focused window

This module can be useful to spatially keep track of windows if you have large and/or multiple screens, and are therefore likely to have several windows visible at any given time. It highlights the currently focused window by covering other windows and the desktop with either a subtle ("overlay" mode) or opaque ("isolate" mode) overlay; additionally it can highlight windows as they're shown or hidden via a brief flash, to help determine their location intuitively (to avoid having to studiously scan all your screens when, for example, you know you triggered a dialog but it didn't show up where you expected it).

By default, overlay mode is disabled - you can enable it with hs.window.highlight.ui.overlay=true - and so are the window shown/hidden flashes - enable those with hs.window.highlight.ui.flashDuration=0.3 (or whatever duration you prefer). Isolate mode is always available and can be toggled manually via hs.window.highlight.toggleIsolate() or automatically by passing an appropriate windowfilter (or a list of apps) to hs.window.highlight.start().

API Overview

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Signature hs.window.highlight.ui
Type Variable

Allows customization of the highlight overlays and behaviour.

The default values are shown in the right hand side of the assignements below.

To represent color values, you can use:

  • a table {red=redN, green=greenN, blue=blueN, alpha=alphaN}
  • a table {redN,greenN,blueN[,alphaN]} - if omitted alphaN defaults to 1.0 where redN, greenN etc. are the desired value for the color component between 0.0 and 1.0

Color inversion is governed by the module hs.redshift. See the relevant documentation for more information.

  • hs.window.highlight.ui.overlay = false - draw overlay over the area of the screen(s) that isn't occupied by the focused window
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.overlayColor = {0.2,0.05,0,0.25} - overlay color
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.overlayColorInverted = {0.8,0.9,1,0.3} - overlay color when colors are inverted
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.isolateColor = {0,0,0,0.95} - overlay color for isolate mode
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.isolateColorInverted = {1,1,1,0.95} - overlay color for isolate mode when colors are inverted
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.frameWidth = 10 - draw a frame around the focused window in overlay mode; 0 to disable
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.frameColor = {0,0.6,1,0.5} - frame color
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.frameColorInvert = {1,0.4,0,0.5}
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.flashDuration = 0 - duration in seconds of a brief flash over windows as they're shown/hidden; disabled if 0; if desired, 0.3 is a good value
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.windowShownFlashColor = {0,1,0,0.8} - flash color when a window is shown (created or unhidden)
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.windowHiddenFlashColor = {1,0,0,0.8} - flash color when a window is hidden (destroyed or hidden)
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.windowShownFlashColorInvert = {1,0,1,0.8}
  • hs.window.highlight.ui.windowHiddenFlashColorInvert = {0,1,1,0.8}


Signature hs.window.highlight.start([windowfilterIsolate[, windowfilterOverlay]])
Type Function

Starts the module


  • windowfilterIsolate - (optional) an hs.window.filter instance that automatically enable "isolate" mode whenever one of the allowed windows is focused; alternatively, you can just provide a list of application names and a windowfilter will be created for you that enables isolate mode whenever one of these apps is focused; if omitted or nil, isolate mode won't be toggled automatically, but you can still toggle it manually via hs.window.higlight.toggleIsolate()
  • windowfilterOverlay - (optional) an hs.window.filter instance that determines which windows to consider for "overlay" mode when focused; if omitted or nil, the default windowfilter will be used


  • None


  • overlay mode is disabled by default - see hs.window.highlight.ui.overlayColor
Signature hs.window.highlight.stop()
Type Function

Stops the module and disables focused window highlighting (both "overlay" and "isolate" mode)


  • None


  • None
Signature hs.window.highlight.toggleIsolate([v])
Type Function

Sets or clears the user override for "isolate" mode.

This function should be bound to a hotkey, e.g.: hs.hotkey.bind('ctrl-cmd','\','Isolate',hs.window.highlight.toggleIsolate)


  • v - (optional) a boolean; if true, enable isolate mode; if false, disable isolate mode, even when windowfilterIsolate passed to .start() would otherwise enable it; if omitted or nil, toggle the override, i.e. clear it if it's currently enforced, or set it to the opposite of the current isolate mode status otherwise.


  • None