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A plugin to quickly open URLs containing a search/query term This plugin is invoked with the uf keyword and requires some configuration, see :providersTable()

The way this works is by defining a set of providers, each of which contains a URL with a %s somewhere insert it. When the user types uf in Seal, followed by some more characters, those characters will be inserted into the string at the point where the %s is.

By way of an example, you could define a provider with a url like, and just need to type uf 123456 in Seal to get a quick shortcut to open the full URL.

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Signature Seal.plugins.urlformats:providersTable(aTable)
Type Method

Gets or sets the current providers table

  • aTable - An optional table of providers, which must contain the following keys:
    • name - A string naming the provider, which will be shown in the Seal results
    • url - A string containing the URL to insert the user's query into. This should contain one and only one %s
  • Either a table of current providers, if no parameter was passed, or nothing if a parmameter was passed.
  • An example table might look like:
  rhbz = { name = "Red Hat Bugzilla", url = "", },
  lp = { name = "Launchpad Bug", url = "", },
Source Source/Seal.spoon/seal_urlformats.lua line 97