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An wrapper to replace hs.drawing with hs.canvas.

The intention is for this wrapper to provide all of the same functionality that hs.drawing does without requiring any additional changes to your currently existing code.

Known issues/differences between the wrapper and hs.drawing:

The wrapper is not enabled by default. See the hs.canvas.drawingWrapper function for details on how to enable or disable this wrapper.

API Overview

API Documentation


Signature hs.canvas.drawingWrapper([state]) -> boolean
Type Function

Get or set whether or not hs.drawing is replaced by a wrapper which uses this module.


  • state - an optional boolean specifying whether or not hs.drawing should be replaced with a wrapper using this module.


  • the current, possibly newly changed, state.


  • This module was designed to address some of the limitations found with the hs.drawing module. It is expected that at some point this module may completely replace the existing hs.drawing as it provides more flexibility and will be easier to extend with future additions. This function allows you to choose whether or not you wish to migrate fully to this new drawing model now to facilitate the testing of the wrapper or not.
  • This wrapper was designed to fully mimic the current hs.drawing functions and methods -- you should not need to change your existing code in any way once this wrapper is enabled. If you find that you do need to make adjustments or that something in the wrapper does not work as expected, please log an issue at

  • When you change the wrapper state with this function, you must reload or restart your Hammerspoon application for the changes to go into effect. It is expected that you will run this command from the Hammerspoon console like hs.canvas.drawingWrapper(true) and then reload your Hammerspoon configuration. You will not need to do this again unless you wish to change back to the original hs.drawing module.