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Route URLs to different applications with pattern matching


Sets Hammerspoon as the default browser for HTTP/HTTPS links, and dispatches them to different apps according to the patterns defined in the config. If no pattern matches, default_handler is used.

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Signature URLDispatcher.decode_slack_redir_urls
Type Variable

If true, handle Slack-redir URLs to apply the rule on the destination URL. Defaults to true

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 30
Signature URLDispatcher.default_handler
Type Variable

Default URL handler (Defaults to "")


Can be a string containing the Bundle ID of an application, or a function that takes one argument, and which will be invoked with the URL to open.

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 21
Signature URLDispatcher.logger
Type Variable

Logger object used within the Spoon. Can be accessed to set the default log


Example: spoon.URLDispatcher.logger.setLogLevel("debug")

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 99
Signature URLDispatcher.pat_files
Type Variable

Internal variable containing a table where the pattern lists read from files are kept indexed by file name, and automatically updated.

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 114
Signature URLDispatcher.pat_watchers
Type Variable

Internal variable containing a table where the watchers for the pattern files are kept indexed by file name.

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 119
Signature URLDispatcher.set_system_handler
Type Variable

If true, URLDispatcher sets itself as system handler for http requests.

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 108
Signature URLDispatcher.url_patterns
Type Variable

URL dispatch rules.


A table containing a list of dispatch rules. Rules are evaluated in the order they are declared. Each rule is a table with the following structure: { url-patterns, app-bundle-ID-or-function, function, app-patterns }

  • url-patterns can be: (a) a single pattern as a string, (b) a table containing a list of strings, or (c) a string containing the path of a file from which the patterns will be read (if the string contains a valid filename it's used as a file, otherwise as a pattern). In case (c), a watcher will be set to automatically re-read the contents of the file when it changes. If a relative path is given (not starting with a "/"), then it is considered to be relative to the Hammerspoon configuration directory.
  • If app-bundle-ID-or-function is specified as a string, it is interpreted as a macOS application ID, and that application will be used to open matching URLs. If it is a function pointer, or not given but "function" is provided, it is expected to be a function that accepts a single argument, and it will be called with the URL.
  • If app-patterns is given, it should be a string or a table containing a pattern/list of patterns, and the rule will only be evaluated if the URL was opened from an application whose name matches one of those patterns.
  • Note that the patterns are Lua patterns and not regular expressions.
  • Defaults to an empty table, which has the effect of having all URLs dispatched to the default_handler.
Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 69
Signature URLDispatcher.url_redir_decoders
Type Variable

URL redirection decoders. Default value: empty list


List containing optional redirection decoders (other than the known Slack decoder, which is enabled by URLDispatcher.decode_slack_redir_urls to apply to URLs before dispatching them. Each list element must be a list itself with a maximum of five elements:

  • decoder-name: (String) a name to identify the decoder;
  • decoder-pattern-or-function: (String or Function) if a string is given, it is used as a Lua pattern to match against the URL. If a function is given, it will be called with arguments scheme, host, params, fullUrl, senderPid (the same arguments as passed to hs.urlevent.httpCallback), and must return a string that contains the URL to be opened. The returned value will be URL-decoded according to the value of skip-decode-url (below).
  • pattern-replacement: (String) a replacement pattern to apply if a match is found when a decoder pattern (previous argument) is provided. If a decoder function is given, this argument is ignored.
  • skip-decode-url: (Boolean, optional) whether to skip URL-decoding of the resulting string (defaults to false, by default URLs are always decoded)
  • source-application: (String or Table, optional): a pattern or list of patterns to match against the name of the application from which the URL was opened. If this parameter is present, the decoder will only be applied when the application matches. Default is to apply the decoder regardless of the application.

If given as strings, decoder-pattern-or-function and pattern-replacement are passed as arguments to string.gsub applied on the original URL.

Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 35


Signature URLDispatcher:dispatchURL(scheme, host, params, fullUrl, senderPid)
Type Method

Dispatch a URL to an application according to the defined url_patterns.

  • scheme - A string containing the URL scheme (i.e. "http")
  • host - A string containing the host requested (e.g. "")
  • params - A table containing the key/value pairs of all the URL parameters
  • fullURL - A string containing the full, original URL. This is the only parameter used in this implementation.
  • senderPID - An integer containing the PID of the application that opened the URL, if available (otherwise -1)
Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 188
Signature URLDispatcher:start()
Type Method

Start dispatching URLs according to the rules

  • None
Source Source/URLDispatcher.spoon/init.lua line 312